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Name: Kathryn
Age: 15
Location: Boynton Beach FL
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Actor//Actress: Lindsay Lohan
Movie: Mean Girls and Malibus Most Wanted
Gossip Girl book: All of them!
Sport: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
Color: pink and green and black and brown
Store: Charolette Russe
Singer//Bands: New Found Glory, Ludacris, JoJo, Ashlee Simpson, Mario, Houston, 50 Cent, Green Day, Nate Dogg, I-20, The Game, Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon, Chingy, Usher, Tupac and System of a Down
Gossip Girl Character? Why: Jenny becuase i can relate to her want to be popular, and i like that she finally does come out and become popular
Gossip Girl Vacation: St. Barts
Gossip Girl Fashionista: Serena
Gossip Girl Community: ?
Gossip Girl School: St. Jude :)
Gossip Girl couple: Nate and Blair

~Either or?~

Abercrombie//Hollister: Hollister
Louis Vuitton//Coach: Coach
Flip Flop//Boot: Flip Flop
serena//blair: Blair
Bush//Kerry: Bush
Barneys//Bergdorf's: Barneys
Blair//Serena: Serena
Kati//Isabel: Kati
Nate//Leo: Leo
Nate//Flow: Nate
Nate//Erick: Erick
Skirt//Shorts: skirts
Spa//Shopping: shopping
Juicy//Hard Tail: Juicy
Coffee//Brownies: Brownies
Best Western//Motel 6: Best Western
Cigerette//Pot: neither
Lax//Soccer: Lax
Georgie//Blair//Serena: Blair and Serena
Chuck//Dan: Dan

What can you bring to this community?: To this community I hope to bring another friend to everyone.  I also hope to give ideas as to why things are the way they are in Gosspi Girls.
Which Gossip Girls Character are you most like and why?: I think I am most like Jenny because I've always wanted to be popular, just like her, and just like her, all of the sudden I was "discovered" (I guess I should put it like that).  Also I can relate to her relationship with Nate, seeing as I had a relationship just like that.
What is your best Physical Trait?: I think my best physical trait is my curly hair.  Everyones always telling me how they'd kill to have me hair and everything.  I like it sometimes, but you always want a change everyonce in awhile..
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