dear ((your+name+here)) (soxunperfect89) wrote in gossipgirls00,
dear ((your+name+here))

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hey whatsup everybody!
well i think we need some more action here.. no one really posts alot.
and im going to find some ime to make banners, but not this weekend.
I just want to inform you that I'm going away this weekend and i wont
be able to access my livejournal.. mmkay?

you know you love me..*

<3 Kathryn
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fine with me....just be active cause there is a couple of ppl wink wink cough cough snap! lol niky that arent maikng entries and well we need to be active but if your going away HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! and we willl be fine w.out you and we understand why your not active

xoxo y.k.y.l.m.,,,
Sam Sam
youre so weird sami, anyways thats fine im going away for spring break so i might be able to access lj i dono maybe